Sun Road opens to Logan Pass

Glacier National Park officials announced June 16 that Going-to-the-Sun Road will open over Logan Pass.
Glacier spokeswoman Margie Steigerwald said the road’s status hinged on the weather.
“It’s fairly significant snowfall up top, so they’re going to send someone to hike up and make that determination,” she said.
According to a press release sent out just before 8 p.m. Thursday, “Park road crews have finished snow removal … and have assessed snow conditions,” and given the go-ahead.
Road crews have installed hundreds of temporary guardrails and benches, repaired an eroding stream bank at Goose Curve near Logan Creek and made a last-minute fix to the emergency radio communication system.
Visitors should come prepared for wintry conditions, especially at higher elevations. Services at Logan Pass will include restroom facilities and potable water. For updated information on road status, visit cfm.

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