Whitefish farmers market every Tuesday

Fresh cut flowers, Dixon melons served from the bed of a pickup, eggs direct from the farmer and organic veggies you can munch as you stroll. Throw in a bit of live music, pour-over coffee, free Tai Chi, hula hoop dancing kids and it must be Tuesday night in Whitefish at the Downtown Farmers Market.

The free weekly event takes place at Depot Park on the north end of Central Avenue every Tuesday from 5-7:30 p.m. through the end of September.

Brad Boe of BOEdacious Garden and Greenhouse was selling potatoes, squash and cabbage at the final downtown farmers market of the season Oct. 15 in Whitefish. Boe said his greenhouse was cranked up to nearly 100 degrees last week.

Brad Boe of BOEdacious Garden and Greenhouse at the Whitefish downtown farmers market.

You’ll find me there, browsing crafts and hoping the guy with the baby goats showed up again so my son can pet the friendly little guys. We make the loop to see great friends, stop at one of the many local farmer’s booths to pick up a few things we can’t grow in our garden then head straight for Two Dog Wood Fired Pizza. It’s the best deal at the market and only available out of their orange mobile food truck.

We’ll find a spot on the grass and enjoy a personal-size veggie supreme before hitting Sweet Peaks ice cream. The owners themselves serve cones out of a converted horse trailer, scooping up fresh homemade flavors like Montana huckleberry and grasshopper mint.

Savoring our ice cream, we’ll sit on a bench and watch a train go by bound for Portland, Seattle or Chicago. On the best days, we catch the eye of the conductor and with a universal arm gesture convince him to blow his horn.

Zion Brown, 3, attempts to fit his entire ice cream cone in his mouth during the season opener of the Downtown Farmers Market in Whitefish on Tuesday, May 27, 2014.

Zion Brown, 3, attempts to fit his entire ice cream cone in his mouth during the season opener of the downtown farmers market in Whitefish.

The Whitefish farmers market has become a summer tradition for my family. We enjoy the fresh local food, the community of friends we always see and the smiling visitors soaking up the vibe.

Since its inception, the farmers market has been the ideal spot to stock your fridge, try something new, find that unique craft or just indulge in the variety of food-truck dinner options. It’s all grown, grilled, poured, created, painted or sewn locally here in Northwest Montana.

Local’s tip: Ride a bike because parking is tight and don’t forget an umbrella, even on the nicest summer days the market seems to be a magnet for afternoon thunderstorms.

— Jason Forrest / This Week Whitefish