Glacier Institute outdoor camps

GNP Logan Pass 9

The Glacier Institute will host a variety of adult and kids outdoor education courses this summer.

“Birding by Ear” is scheduled June 16 and 17. Instructor Denny Olson will lead students into the wetland and burn areas to decipher the songs surrounding them and identify birds based on their calls.

On June 20 and 21, instructor Dave Shea will lead a second birding course “Glacier’s Birds of Prey.” He will teach students about the life histories, habits, ecology and management policies of all 29 species of birds of prey in Glacier National Park, with special focus given to the bald eagle.

On June 18, instructor Dave Shea will focus on the recovery and current status of wolves in Glacier and the “Northern Rocky Mountains in Wolves of the Northfork Valley course.”

The more artistically inclined naturalists may be interested in participating in the Glacier Institute’s “Field Sketching” course on June 19, with instructor Bethann Merkle. This course will turn back time to an era when art and the natural sciences were inseparable, the drawing techniques introduced during this workshop offer a strong foundation for those interested in developing nature sketching habits.

On June 20, Glacier Institute Director of Education Justin Barth will be leading a hike to Apgar fire lookout, in the first installment of the “Fire Lookouts of Glacier” series. This four part series of increasing difficulty is designed for those who want to reach the high points of Glacier by foot while learning about the cultural history of Glacier’s fire lookouts along the way.

Along with these courses, the Glacier Institute also offers courses and camps geared for children. Big Creek Outdoor Education Center, located about 21 miles north of Columbia Falls, will host two kid’s camps this June: the “Grizzly Cub Mini-Camp” for ages 7 to 9 on June 14-16 and the “Bullfrog Young Naturalist Camp” for ages 9 – 12 on June 16 – 19. Both camps are a great opportunity for kids who are not yet ready for a full week away from home to enjoy an overnight camp experience with many high-energy outdoor activities.

The Glacier Institute is now enrolling for these courses and many others throughout the summer. Previous experience is not necessary for any Glacier Institute courses. More information can be found online at or by emailing