Guided bike tours, camps

By BRIANNA LOPER – Whitefish Pilot

Tom and Anna Danley have gone off the beaten path. In fact, they’re so far off the path that they’re literary creating their own trails.

The married couple combined a love for the outdoors with their passion for teaching to create the Beyond the Boundaries mountain bike guiding company.

“We make it about the adventure, not the destination,” said Tom Danley. 

The couple opened the company in 2014, offering guided rides, lessons and camps to mountain bikers of any age or ability.

Between the climbs on the Whitefish Trail, the freeride descents at Whitefish Mountain Resort and the relaxing trails at the Pig Farm, clients can ride on nearly every kind of trail imaginable.

“We have the most diverse set of trails, possibly on the entire planet,” said Danley. “And it’s growing.”

The Danleys saw a need for a guide company when they realized how many people were traveling to use trails in the valley. Both had been ski instructors for many years, and enjoyed teaching. They decided to transfer that passion to something they both loved to do during the warmer months.

Tom Danley, 34, has been an instrumental part of the Whitefish biking community for a number of years. He has been an international competitor, a mechanic for professional race teams, and a bike mechanic locally. He is a certified USA Cycling Coach and Whistler IDP Level II instructor.

Anna, 30, is a certified elementary teacher with a physical education endorsement. She graduated from Carroll College and has worked with youth in many different capacities, including as a camp director, environmental educator, snowboard instructor, teacher, and a youth program coordinator.

The couple also spent time teaching ski and snowboard lessons in Germany. While there, Tom participated in the Megavalanche, the longest downhill mountain biking competition in the world.

Beyond the Boundaries is based at the Whitefish Bike Retreat near Beaver Lake. The two companies benefit from one another and function as a headquarters for mountain bikers. The retreat houses several private guest rooms, hostel-like rooms, a kitchen and workshops. Cricket Butler opened the retreat in 2012.

Danley began working with Butler last year and helped build a practice trail system at the facility. Shortly after, the Danleys founded Beyond the Boundaries.

Their mission is to combine athleticism and instruction with fun.

“It’s huge to be able to blend something that is both a hobby and a profession,” said Anna Danley. “And it’s great to excite people about it.”

The company has received their permit to conduct guide tours of the Whitefish Trail system, which they say is a big step. They want to help teach people about the area, how to use it, and how to preserve it. They are in the process of applying for their guide license in other biking areas. 

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